P.D. Martin shining brightly in crowded crime fiction field

A couple of years ago I wandered over to Sue Grafton’s forum looking for more information about the background story for “Q” is for Quarry, and latched on to the forum there. It doesn’t have a ton of regular posters, but the tight knit community has lots of folks that talk about other authors in the crime fiction field along with mentions of authors in other various genres. It was on that forum I’d first heard of P.D. Martin

As luck would have it on the same day her name was mentioned I saw her first book, Body Count, at a local store that sells remaindered hard covers. I bought it and added it to my stack of stuff to read. Unfortunately because I buy a lot more books than I can possible read occasionally stuff gets buried, and that’s what happened to Body Count. It was several months later while looking for something else that I stumbled on to it again, but this time instead of putting it back into the stack I brought into my living room and began reading it.

I was hooked immediately.

Martin’s main character is FBI profiler Sophie Anderson, who has the gift of visions to help her find the killers she seeks. Martin makes use of Anderson’s fuzzy visions as an addition to the story line and not as a crutch to base entire books around. And she does it well, with a good mix of well developed side characters to help (or hinder) Anderson in pursuit of the perpetrators.

A quick check of the internet saw Martin had a few books out, and luckily one of the independent booksellers I used to frequent (and still would if they were still in business) had a copy of her second book, The Murderers’ Club. For the rest that were out I was forced to use Amazon (perhaps they’re why my local stores are gone) to get them. Each one was better then the previous one.

Now I’m on to Martin’s latest book, Kiss of Death and while I’m just a handful of chapters into the book it’s already shaping to be her best so far. Unfortunately after this book is the novella Coming Home, which apparently ends the Sophie Anderson stories for now.

I can always hope she changes her mind…


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