HorhiroCon 2011

Sunday saw the annual summer gathering of the Total Confusion Battletech folks at our friend Mike’s house in the bustling metropolis of Belchertown, MA. In keeping with the convention name motif we’ve dubbed the gathering “HorhiroCon” after Mike’s message board moniker. I don’t know what number it would be (5, maybe?), but I’m sure that someone will mention it in the comments section later.

For those that don’t know what Battletech is, it’s the board/miniatures game that the Mechwarrior video games were based on. Although while we play Battletech there, it really has become more of just a friendly “catch up” gathering where we all eat too much food and hang out.

Some things we all took away from the day….
*The more powerful the ‘Mech you’re piloting, the better the odds are that everyone that has a chance to shoot it will do so.
*If you’ve picked two ‘Mechs and one is super powerful and one is incredibly week, the powerful one will die first and very quickly.
*It’s also easy to pick out which players will try that tactic. Here’s a hint: it always fails.
*It’s funny to everyone around the table when a five year old rolls a hit location that kills you–well, funny to everyone except the guy that got killed. (Still not worried about that crit roll to the head, Dave S.?)
*Shadow Hawks jump. Not far, but enough. (I’d like to thank John O. for forgetting that)
*In 3025, inferno rounds used correctly can rule the battlefield (if I ever hear Merl say the word “inferno” again I’m going to douse him in lighter fluid and set him ablaze)
*If someone openly declares he is sacrificing one of his ‘Mechs you’re best move is to figure out why he moved to the hex he did. Or why he didn’t move. (How’s the back armor Patrick?)
*Same rule holds true when a pilot intentionally gives your ‘Mech the back armor of his ‘Mech. (Thanks to Cliff for not figuring your other to-hit rolls)
*The roll most often made while needing eight is seven, especially when rolling for a critical hit on an Awesome’s wide open center torso. Two out of eight chances is a very bad percentage needing a roll of eight or better. And when you do finally get an eight make sure to miss the heat sinks and hit something good. Certainly never do it twice.
*Kids and carpets love grape soda. Carpet owners’, not so much.

TotalCon 26 is February 23-26, 2012…see you all there.


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