What I read last year (2011)

The Templar Legacy (Steve Berry) …497
The Alexandria Link (Steve Berry) …499
The Venetian Betrayal (Steve Berry) …558
The Charlemagne Pursuit (Steve Berry) …561
The Paris Vendetta (Steve Berry) …483
The Honor of Spies (W.E.B. Griffin) …737
Ghost Country (Patrick Lee) …368
Canticle (Ken Scholes) …482
The Impaler (Gregory Funaro) …470
The Cruelest Cut (Rick Reed) …422
The Age of Ra (James Lovegrove) …443
Hard Magic (Larry Correia) …422
Foreign Influence (Brad Thor) …548
Naamah’s Curse (Jacqueline Carey) …689
Kiss of Death (P.D. Martin) …385
Blood Oath (Christopher Farnsworth) …486
Lord of the Changing Winds (Rachel Neumeier) …387
Against All Enemies (Tom Clancy) …768
Judgement Day (Sheldon Siegel) …418
Tongues of Serpents (Naomi Novik) …355
Falcon Seven (James W. Huston) …355
Monster Hunter: Alpha (Larry Correia) …552
The Last Stormlord (Glenda Larke) …692
American Assassin (Vince Flynn) …526
Stormlord Rising (Glenda Larke) …691
Painted Ladies (Robert B Parker) …287
Stormlord’s Exile (Glenda Larke) …709
The Emperor’s Tomb (Steve Berry) …505
The Templar Salvation (Raymond Khoury) …584
V is for Vengeance (Sue Grafton) …437
Shock Warning (Michael Walsh) …378

Total pages: 15,492

I lost a few weeks worth of reading by being super busy and by picking a couple of books I just couldn’t get into. 2012 will start out with some great books and I’ll get back over the 20,000 page mark again this year.

There will also be more posts here now that I finally figured out how to post from my phone. So now when I’m waiting around somewhere killing time I can make all those posts in my mind I want to make but never get around to do.


4 thoughts on “What I read last year (2011)

  1. how did you like “Falcon Seven”? i’m almost done with the audio book (better than rotting my brain with the morning idiots on EEI)

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