When “classless” meets karma…

I have about a dozen half finished posts in the queue, and as funny as this sounds as soon as I post this I’m starting another one, but something happened this week that has really annoyed me to the point of actually making a blog post.

During the final game for the Worcester Sharks this season the team held an auction where the winners would get the jersey right off the player’s back after the game. It was a silent auction where people wrote their bids on sheets, and should there be two (or more) people actively bidding when the deadline passed it would proceed to a live auction limited to the people that had already bid on the sheet. Now for the record I seldom take part in these auction, and if I do I just write down the amount I’m willing to spend and if I get outbid so be it. This season it was an easy choice for me; the jersey I wanted was not being auctioned off as it was being held back for next season. So because of that I did not see the event as it transpired, but it was related to me by a few people and their stories match nearly exactly.

One of the jerseys being auctioned was of former Holy Cross standout Jay Silvia, who was signed by the WorSharks late in the year on an amateur tryout contract. At the end of the silent auction there were two bidders standing there wishing to continue the bidding on that jersey: a woman I will not identify and Jay Silvia’s mother. Now obviously that first woman has the right to keep bidding, but there is a certain “etiquette” at jersey auctions that includes not bidding up jerseys at the expense of family members. This was subtly hinted at when the woman was told the other bidder was Silvia’s mom and asked if she wanted to continue. Not only did she wish to continue, she won the jersey with a final bid over $250 (I don’t recall the actual amount).

To the WorSharks credit they let Mrs Silvia know her son’s other jersey would be available later and if she wanted it they would gladly work it out with her, and as I found out Friday they did exactly that and took care of the situation and now the Silvias have Jay’s black road jersey. But one has to think having his home jersey would have meant a little more because that’s the jersey he wore in his first professional game, and were it not for that woman (who was, again, well within her rights to keep bidding) they could have owned it.

In my opinion it was classless to continue bidding on that jersey. It’s not like Silvia is going to turn into an NHL superstar and this jersey is an investment, it’s the jersey of a local kid being given a chance at a dream of pro hockey. If someone was looking for an investment jersey there were a few player’s jerseys with better odds, and there were some that were in what should have been the price range that Silvia’s mom would have paid so there was no need to bid up that one just to get a jersey.

To make matters even worse in my opinion is as I post this Silvia’s white home jersey, the one that woman outbid his mom for, is now listed on eBay. Headshakingly it’s listed at a lot less than she won it for, so perhaps the winner now finds themselves in a financial situation where they need to sell the jersey they just bought a couple weeks ago.

The old adage says “karma is a bitch”, which makes two in this story.


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