Some random book thoughts for May

I just recently finished the third book in Jacqueline Carey’s Moirin Trilogy, Naamah’s Blessing. It’s Carey’s ninth book set in her Kushiel Universe, which consists of three trilogies centering around different characters. The books about Moirin take place well after the first six book in the series, but stay true to the storyline and the world they’re set in. Unfortunately Carey has mentioned in several outlets that this is the end of her writing about Terre d’Ange, saying on twitter “I love that world as much as my readers, but it’s been very thoroughly explored.” That’s too bad. Turns out her next project is a book called Dark Currents, in the “urban fantasy” genre. That’s even worse. It’s a crappy genre for someone with the gift to write epic fantasy.
EDIT: I had a photo of the cover of the book in this post, but for reasons unknown it was removed from my image host.

The book I just finished reading is The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin. It’s the first book in The Inheritance Trilogy, and it was nominated for numerous awards. I can see why as it was one of the best books I’ve read in a good while, being thought provoking in its character development without the preachiness that many authors fall into. The book centers around a character named Yeine Darr, who is thrust into a situation she finds distasteful. And as the story progresses it gets even worse for her, culminating in a finale that isn’t so much an ending as a beginning. Without giving away any of the story I will say there’s nothing really “new” in the book; it’s a standard story of good versus bad with the “gray” folks in the middle struggling to decide which side is safest for them to be on. What is new is the way the story is told, and Jemisin really nails that. I’m just glad I have the second book, The Broken Kingdoms, ready to go.

Another series I think folks should be checking out is Psalms of Isaak by Ken Scholes. Lamentation and Canticle were the first two books in the series that’s set in a world destroyed by a man-made cataclysmic event with enough twists and turns to look like a corkscrew. It’s world building in an epic scale at its finest, with believable characters making believable choices even when confronted with the most unbelievable of circumstances. It’s a good mix of magic, politics, and intrigue. The key to the story is, of course, Isaak. He’s a “metal man”. And that’s all I’ll say about that, so you’ll need to read to find out more.

On the list of books I’m waiting to come out is Wizard Undercover by Karen Miller (writing as K. E. Mills). Miller is known for epic fantasy series like Kingmaker, Kingbreaker and Godspeaker, so she chose a pen name for her lighthearted Rogue Agent series. The funny thing is I actually bought the first two of that series without even realizing Miller was the author. Wizard Undercover may be out already, but I haven’t hit my local bookstore yet this week to check. All her books are great reads and I recommend everything she’s written.

For those that read the King Rolen’s Kin series, and I’ve mentioned it enough to the point you probably should have picked it up by now, Rowena Cory Daniells has another trilogy coming out called The Outcast Chronicles. The first book, entitled Besieged, is coming out in late June with the next two books, Exile and Sanctuary coming out soon thereafter. I’m not big on book trailers, but this one is just too cool not to share.


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