Some random book thoughts for September

In my book thoughts for August I mentioned I didn’t know what I was going to be reading while I waited for Sanctuary, book three of “The Outcast Chronicles” by Rowena Cory Daniells, to be released. And as I walked over to my ever growing “to read” shelf I still wasn’t sure. The book that caught my eye was The Edge of the World by Kevin J Anderson. It’s the first book in his “Terra Incognita” series, and it was simply amazing. It’s about two religions, both based on a single premise, that went off on two widely different tangents. And now these two religions are fighting a war. Anderson does a great job of individually describing both sides as the good guys or the bad guys–depending on if he’s writing about the Aidens or the Urecs–and does an excellent job of painting the landscape of the ever expanding known world. The second book, The Map of All Things, picks up the story and continues the pace set in the first, with some intriguing side stories of its own. As soon as I finish Sanctuary I’ll head on to Anderson’s third book in this series, The Key to Creation.

As I expected, Kill Shot by Vince Flynn was a paperback release in late August, and has become sort of a tradition for me in late summer as soon as I finished the book I was reading I immediately started the Flynn book. Like his previous book, American Assassin, Flynn has gone back in time with Kill Shot to write about some of Mitch Rapp’s earlier exploits that have been discussed in other books in the series but never had their stories fully told. The issue in doing something like that is readers already knows that Rapp emerges from every encounter relatively unscathed, so Flynn is forced to use different methods to keep the pace of the story up instead of just placing his hero into situations where he is in danger. Like American Assassin, Flynn does it well in Kill Shot. I also just noticed the latest Mitch Rapp story, The Last Man, hits the shelves in hardcover on November 13. That means next August I’ll be continuing my tradition of late summer Flynn reading.

I only picked up a handful of books last month–but still more than I read as my “to read” shelf continues to grow–starting with The Devil’s Elixir by Raymond Khoury. His books are very formula and I never rate them very high, and yet I keep buying them. I guess in the end that’s all Khoury really cares about. I also picked up both “Heart of the World” novels by Col Buchanan, Farlander and Stands a Shadow. Blake Charlton’s Spellbound made its paperback release so that goes on to the shelf, along with The Corpse-Rat King by Lee Battersby. I picked up the Battersby tomb just because the cover intrigued me and the blurb from Karen Miller on the back. Yes authors, having a blurb from a great writer does help sell books.

One book I was surprised to see sitting the the hardcover remainder section at Barnes & Noble was The Moses Expedition by Juan Gómez-Jurado. I’d read one of his other works of fiction, God’s Spy, and really liked it. But I’d picked that book up at a surplus and salvage store (it was either Building 19 or Ocean State Job Lot) so I figured there wasn’t much chance of me stumbling into any more of his books. So I was shocked when I saw his name out of the corner of my eye on the remainder table. It was an easy purchase.

Nothing caught my eye in the new paperback releases for September in the science fiction genre, and as I’ve stated before I’ve stopped getting updates in the other genres so I have no idea what I’ll run into during my weekly books store runs. October’s book post may be a little later in that month than usual as my wife and I move our residence a few miles across the city into bigger quarters. It just means more space for my books.


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