A moving experience

Well, what was supposed to be a couple week hiatus–not that I was really posting all that much anyway–turned into a full blown three months of no blogging here as my wife and I finally completed our move into our new home. Now those that know me will note that we actually moved in during the second week of October, but it’s taken until this past weekend for everything to finally be “right”.

Since my last posting we’ve painted two rooms in our new home. Had I painted the room that needed to be painted before the one my wife wanted to be painted we’d have only painted one room, so I’ll file that in the “lesson learned” file. Other than the cosmetic stuff it really didn’t need a ton of work. An electrician buddy rewired all my outlets because my home inspector pointed out an issue with a couple of them, and since it’s best to be on the safe side we replaced them all. We also changed a few lights because the ones that were there used these odd florescent bulbs that were very expensive, so it was easier to just change the whole fixture.

We also had a plumber come in and replace both toilets. The ones here were old and were huge water wasters, so we had them replaced with newer models that not only used less water but also sat a little higher. The plan was to replace our kitchen faucet over Thanksgiving, but thanks to a water issue here in Worcester the release of pressure and repressurizing of the city water system killed my faucet. My brother had already looked at the sink and saw we had copper for the feed lines and it looked like it was Mickey Moused under there, so I decided to spend a little money to save a little money and have the plumber do it. Judging by the curse words coming from under the sink I made a wise choice.

We weren’t planning on replacing the stove and refrigerator despite my wife not really liking either all that much, but after finding out the oven didn’t work all that well we went out on election day and bought a new stove. Since we were there we decided on a new refrigerator too. Hey, it’s only money. After that we bought some new living room furniture, something we’d never had before. Despite being married 17 years our motif was still what I call “early married couple” because it was all still comfortable. Our new stuff is pretty comfy too.

The actual move really was a breeze. We had spent the previous two weeks moving smaller stuff over as we could, with the goal of getting some friends together on October 13th for all the bigger stuff. My plan was to get everyone together by 8am, spend two hours loading the U-Haul truck, and then heading for the cross city trip by 10am. Now I figured there was no way in hell that was going to happen, but that’s what I was shooting for.

We pulled away at about 10:20am.

The key was everyone that showed (and there was seven counting me) had moved people before and knew what they were doing. We all did a walk through and talked about what I was planning on moving and how I thought the best way would be. A couple of them saw issues right away, and came up with different ideas. That ten minutes of talking probably saved us an hour or more. The first things down were the heaviest, one was a 7’x5′ antique hutch with leaded glass doors on the front. I was picturing this taking 20 minutes or more because of a couple corners we needed to sneak around. It took about 10 minutes. The next was a very heavy reclining sofa, and again I was thinking this was going to be 20 minutes because of those corners and a narrow doorway. That also took about 10 minutes.

The rest was people just paying attention to what was going out as they went back in so they new what to grab, and with seven guys one always had a chance to catch a breather while the other six paired off. I’m going to save the story of us moving my TV (the one I talk about in the post The great TV debacle) because it’s too funny to bury in this post.

On piece of advice I’ll give to people moving: get more stuff ready to move than you think you can fit. As it turned out we moved along so efficiently I was happy we had “over packed” because there was plenty of time and space for just about everything that was ready to go. plus because we were so prepared to move there was no real frustrations and everyone was in a good mood about what we accomplished in such a short amount of time. As it usually is unloading the truck was easy, as either me or my wife directed people where to put stuff. By noon time we were all enjoying a lunch of pizza and Bass Ale.

So that’s most of the story about why I’ve been (once again) neglecting my little blog. I do have a few posts roughed out, so I’ll hopefully get around to getting those finished soon.

Until next time…


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