Some random book thoughts for February 2013

As I kind of figured would happen when I saw the list of new releases in Science fiction for January, for the first time in a very long while I didn’t buy a single book in a month. I finished The Red Wolf Conspiracy, the first book in the “The Chathrand Voyage Quartet” by Robert V.S. Redick and am now reading the second book in the series, The Ruling Sea. It’s an interesting series that combines lots of political intrigue with an odd style of magic, with these odd tangents that Redick has thrown in that always seem to come together in some very unsuspecting ways. Oh, and some animals talk. I won’t tell you why, but it works. And I couldn’t figure out why the Ixchel were fearing giants no one else could apparently see. The reason why snuck by me for awhile. I won’t tell you what that is either.

After The Red Wolf Conspiracy I jumped into Covert Warriors, the seventh book in W.E.B. Griffin’s “The Presidential Agent” series. The last two books of the series, along with a couple from his other series, were obviously not written by him but were instead penned by his son William E. Butterworth IV. Having read many of Griffin’s novels I am very familiar with his writing style, and while Butterworth comes close it’s just not the same. You can add the fact that Griffin’s normal manner of writing consists of a large story arc captured in a single novel and several smaller arcs that run through the entire series. Covert Warriors, along with Victory and Honor from the “Honor Bound” series, read like half a book with many recap scenes used as filler instead new material driving the story. But I’ll keep buying them anyway…

The next book I read was The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry. The book falls outside his normal “Cotton Malone” series, but follows his standard theme of taking a historical event from the past and having his characters searching for the particular item/fact about the event that has been lost to mankind since. Berry is never going to win a Pulitzer, but his books are fun and have all been pretty good reads. Each one is well researched, and contain a complete “Author’s note” in the back to explain what is real and what Berry fictionalized for the novel.

It looks like another lean month for book buying as only one novel on the February release schedule, Age of Voodoo by James Lovegrove, caught my eye. I’ve also been loaned a copy of Derek Sanderson’s autobiography Crossing The Line, so that will probably be next to be read. It’s still possible I may stumble into something I don’t know is coming out, but it’s looking like I may get my to-read shelf down a little.


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