Some MORE random book thoughts for June 2013

A few days ago in the first portion of my random book thoughts for June I mentioned that I made my usual trips to the bookstore, but because it was a story in itself I was going to hold off posting what happened. Before I get to that story I’ll toss out the usual information about my visits to Barnes & Noble. In my two visits there I grabbed three books. The first one was The Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon, which was the only book I knew was going to be out in May that I was looking to buy.

While I was there I also grabbed Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper. I will be honest with you, I picked the book off the shelf because I liked the name “Elspeth”. It’s the Scottish form of Elizabeth, and I just thought it was a cool name. Then I see in the author’s blurb in the back that Ms Cooper was born the same year I was and it mentions she has two cats. I had to buy it. The story sounds cool too, so on to the “to read” shelf it goes. The third book was Black List by Brad Thor. After I finish with the run though Michael Connelly’s books it’s a good bet some sci-fi/fantasy will be next, followed by Thor’s book.

So, on to the story of my second visit to the bookstore. I was, as I usually am when I’m there, looking at the new science fiction/fantasy releases. Despite there being virtually no chance I’m buying one I always start with the hard covers, and occasionally make note of something that I may want to buy when/if it hits paperback. Next to those are the trade editions and the same rule applies to them; not much chance I’m buying one but I always look ‘just in case’. Further along the row of shelves is the new paperback releases.

After a quick glace I saw that Tempest Reborn by Nicole Peeler was out, so I grabbed a copy off the shelf for my wife. As I was doing this I noticed there was a young lady, maybe 13 or 14, standing about 10 feet off to my right pretending to look at the books. What she was really looking at was off to my left, so trying to cool about it I grabbed Peeler’s book and then slightly turned to my left as if I was looking at the next row of books so I could see what she was looking at. No so surprisingly it was a young man, same age group, who was doing his best to look at her without making it obvious. The fact he had a hardcover open and it was upside down was the real give away.

I chuckled to myself, took about a quarter step back so the two would have a clear line of sight to each other, and went about my business of looking at the new releases. Twice I saw movement out of the corner of my eye as the young man moved closer as if to start a conversation with her, but each time he chickened out and scurried back to the hardcovers. I really had to work hard at not laughing at the two of them. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to walk around to the other side of the rack where the older releases were.

Just as I was getting ready to clear out of the aisle she had apparently decided enough was enough too and started walking toward the young man. The look of panic in his eyes made me laugh out loud as he scurried around to the other side of the rack. She just stood there dumbstruck. I have no idea why I said anything to her, but I told her “wait right here, he’ll be back”. She looked at me, bright red from embarrassment, and I quickly added “give him a minute”. She smiled (and turned even brighter red) as I walked around the shelves, where the young man looked like he was going to hyperventilate. I went over to him and quickly said “she’s right on the other side. Go back or you’ll always regret not asking her what her name is”. I then walked well away from them, figuring one way or another my work there was done. After 15ish minutes I wandered back over to the new sci-fi shelf as I hadn’t finished looking at the new books, and I saw the two of them were seated on the floor not far away from the stacks having what looked like a nice conversation.

I can remember years ago being that young man, and could have used a kick in the ass a time or two in similar situations. I didn’t catch their names so I’ll probably never know the end of the story. Sometimes it’s the beginning that’s important anyway.

The only book I know that’s coming out in June that I’m looking for is The Keepers of the Library by Glenn Cooper. For anything else, you’ll just have to check back next month. After posting the first portion of the random thoughts for June I hit Anne’s Bookstop looking for a few of the Connelly books I don’t have. They didn’t have them either, but I was able to grab a few older W.E.B. Griffin books I needed to fill in those series. When I get around to reading them I’ll mention what they were.

Until next time…


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