What I read last year (2013)

As I do every January, here’s a recap of everything I read last year. Every book listed here has at least a mention (and should be pictured) in a post made in 2013, so feel free to do a little scrolling and you can read what I have to say about them.

The Red Wolf Conspiracy (Robert V.S. Redick) …526
Covert Warriors (W.E.B. Griffin) …445
The Columbus Affair (Steve Berry) …593
The Ruling Sea (Robert V.S. Redick) …655
Crossing the Line (Derek Sanderson) …388
The Spirit Thief (Rachel Aaron) …356
The Spirit Rebellion (Rachel Aaron) …455
The Spirit Eater (Rachel Aaron) …435
Digital Fortress (Dan Brown) …431
Angels & Demons (Dan Brown) …592
Deception point (Dan Brown) …559
The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) …454
The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown) …639
Lullaby (Ace Atkins) …388
The Prodigal Mage (Karen Miller) …648
The Reluctant Mage (Karen Miller) …695
The Black Echo (Michael Connelly) …482
The Black Ice (Michael Connelly) …439
The Concrete Blonde (Michael Connelly) …500
The Last Coyote (Michael Connelly) …408
Trunk Music (Michael Connelly) …408
The Poet (Michael Connelly) …510
Blood Work (Michael Connelly) …514
Angels Flight (Michael Connelly) …469
Void Moon (Michael Connelly) …472
A Darkness More Than Night (Michael Connelly) …478
City of Bones (Michael Connelly) …438
Chasing the Dime (Michael Connelly) …436
Lost Light (Michael Connelly) …397
The Narrows (Michael Connelly) …442
The Closers (Michael Connelly) …456
The Lincoln Lawyer (Michael Connelly) …516
Echo Park (Michael Connelly) …446
The Overlook (Michael Connelly) …285
The Brass Verdict (Michael Connelly) …580
The Scarecrow (Michael Connelly) …562
Nine Dragons (Michael Connelly) …469
The Reversal (Michael Connelly) …440
The Drop (Michael Connelly) …388
The Fifth Witness (Michael Connelly) …567
The Wayfarer Redemption (Sara Douglass) …653
Black List (Brad Thor) …468
Monster Hunter: Legion (Larry Correia) …521
Crucible of Gold (Naomi Novik) …369
Enchanter (Sara Douglass) …669
Power Down (Ben Coes) …622
Coup d’Etat (Ben Coes) …466
The Last Refuge (Ben Coes) …485
Starman (Sara Douglass) …670
The Last Man (Vince Flynn) …485
13 Million Dollar Pop (David Levien) …390
The Keepers of the Library (Glenn Cooper) …377
Inferno (Dan Brown) …462
W is for Wasted (Sue Grafton) …496
A Blight of Mages (Karen Miller) …786
The Lives of Tao (Wesley Chu) …460
Casca: The Mongol (Barry Sadler) …170
The Weight of Worlds (Greg Cox) …342
The Black Box (Michael Connelly) …464
King Breaker (Rowena Cory Daniels) …774
Swords of Exodus (Larry Correia & Mike Kupari) …594
Devil’s Bargain (Tony Daniel) …303
Sir Apropos of Nothing (Peter David) …661
Command Authority (Tom Clancy) …739
The Woad to Wuin (Peter David) …504
Sanctus (Simon Toyne) …594
The Key (Simon Toyne) …550

Total pages for the year: 33,482

By far my highest total since I started keeping track, and it could have been even higher were it not for stumbling a touch in October and November. The summer’s run of Michael Connelly books added to the total. After the current hockey season ends I’ll be starting on the series that has spent the most time every on my to-read shelf. More on that when the time comes.

Until next time…


One thought on “What I read last year (2013)

  1. Pretty safe to post this here, I doubt the person mentioned will read it. I have a friend who used to own a comic/book store. He closed it last year, but things had been pretty tough for him for the last 5 years. For a while I would go in and make a point of spending at least ten dollars there, always paying in cash, regardless of interest or need in what I was buying. Consequently I have books on my shelves that I have no intention of ever reading. They’ll probably stay there. Who knows? I may be housebound someday.

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