Some random book thoughts for August 2014

As I mentioned way back in March I was uncertain what I would be talking about in my “random book thoughts” posts now that I’m posting individual reviews instead of clumping them all together in a once a month post. Well, five months later I still really have no idea what I’ll be posting. I’ll just keep typing and see what we get…

Despite my posting sabbatical I was still buying books, but because I never thought of it I didn’t keep track of what was new that hit my “to read” shelf. I know I read a couple of them and they will be a posting about them soon, but for most they were just noted on my spreadsheet and then added to the shelves. My recent purchases are still on my desk, so I know I grabbed Blood of Tyrants by Naomi Novak, The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch, The Thousand Names by Django Wexles, and Dragon’s Deal by Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye. I’ll also note I did grab the first two of the “Dragons Wild” series, the aptly named Dragons Wild and Dragons Luck, over the last couple months.

To add to my recent haul my good friend Stan found many of the Terry Goodkind hardcovers I was looking for. My hardcover “to read’ shelf has no space on it, so I’ve decided that rather than take some books off of it I’ll just go out and buy another bookcase. Certainly seems like a reasonable solution to me, especially considering I do have just enough space to add one more six foot bookcase. For now they reside on the floor in front of my hardcover bookcase.

Longtime readers–if there are any of you left–will remember that last summer I decided to make a run through all of Michael Connelly’s books, and did so at a pretty fast pace. This summer I picked W.E.B. Griffin as my summer author, and with three complete series of his sitting on my shelf it was off to the races. One of Griffin’s series, “The Brotherhood of War”, has been sitting on my “to read” shelf for a very, very long time. I bought the first six books when the sixth book The Generals, was released way back in 1986. I recall reading The Lieutenants about that time, but somehow I never got around to reading the rest. Once I moved out of my parent’s house they sat in a box unread and almost forgotten for years until I finally organized my shelves. I’m still unsure why it took until now for me to pick them up again, but it did and here we are. I’ll have more on that series, and Griffin’s series called “The Corps”, a little later.

Unlike the run through Connelly’s books I’m not going to make all the Griffin books I planned on getting to before the summer is out. I still have his “Men At War” series to go, and while I will get to them before the year is out right now my focus has gone in a different direction from his military fiction. I took a break between “The Brotherhood of War” and “The Corps” with some fantasy books, and have done the same after “The Corps”. Only I foresee this break being a tad longer.

So it seems like I ended up with a decent post after all. Who knows what September’s will bring. Until next time…


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