It’s “buy stuff we don’t need” weekend!

Right now in Massachusetts we’re celebrating the second day of “People buying big ticket items they don’t really need with money they don’t really have which ends up costing them way more in the long run”, or as it is more commonly known, “sales tax free weekend”. Now my wife and I usually take part in the festivities, although rarely do we make a big ticket purchase. We did do so a few years ago, which is an occasion now known as The Great TV Debacle. It’s a humorous story worth a few moments if you have the time.

This year we didn’t do anything that we don’t generally do every weekend, only we did it a few hours later to allow for the frenzied masses to thin out. I picked up three books, stuff I would have bought no matter if there was sales tax or not, and then we went to BJ’s Wholesale Club to grab a few things we needed. Now I will admit we shopped for the BJ’s items a week or two before we actually needed them because of course we’d rather save the sales tax, but it wasn’t like we went hog wild nor did we buy anything we don’t usually buy. I did take a peek at the laptops and one kind of caught my eye as a pretty decent deal, but it was underpowered for what I want so I didn’t really give it serious thought.

What’s kind of funny is that while we had no plans to make a large purchase this year we already have our sights on set on next year when we’ll be looking at bedroom sets. We know what we want, and have a good idea where we’ll be buying it, so we’re paying attention to the prices and if it looks like a better bargain pops up before next summer we’ll buy it then.

So, did any of my Bay State brethren make any purchases of note?


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