Random Review: Eye For An Eye by Ben Coes

This review contains mild spoilers.

Book Name: Eye For An Eye
Author: Ben Coes
Series: #4 in an ongoing series
Publisher(s): St. Martin’s Press
Format(s): Hardcover/Mass Market Paperback/Audiobook/eBook
Genre(s): Thriller
Release Date: July 9, 2013

Rating: 8/10

In Ben Coes’ fourth book featuring larger than life hero Dewey Andreas we get one of the standard thriller plot hooks: revenge. Now, of course with a title like Eye For An eye there’s little doubt that’s what the story is about, but while Coes does follow the standard cycle of “bad things happen to the hero and then the hero takes care of business” Coes takes a path not usually taken by writers. He makes his hero seem “normal” without resorting to clichés. Well, as normal as an operative with little or no official government help can be while jet setting around the world killing bad guys.

In a story that spans the globe Coes goes for the heart just as tenaciously as Andreas goes for the throat. Eye For An eye is about as fast paced as a novel can get, with even the back story portions seemingly running at full throttle. The plot is a touch over the top at times with Andreas performing more than a few death defying actions that would likely kill a mortal man, but because Coes doesn’t use those things as a crutch to hold up a weak story it all fits together nicely. And I enjoyed every minute of it.

In what is perhaps the oddest thing in Eye For An eye Coes has Andreas playing ice hockey with the president of the United States. It plays no significant role in the main plot and is more of a back story to help define all the characters, but it’s one of those little things I like to see in books. It’s hard for an author to take something so out of place within the confines of the whole story and weave it in seamlessly. Coes, being a self described hockey fanatic, chose that sport. While it would be unfathomable that the president could manage to sneak away from the White House every week to do anything, once again Coes makes it seem plausible. And from another hockey fanatic I should add those scenes are very well written.

Without giving away the plot, Coes does relay some real-life issues as his plot device involving the US and China and a potential monetary crisis in our future. It’s not preachy, nor does it fail to poke a finger at both political parties for their basically ignoring the issue. If it comes true it could become the scariest part of the book.

In an interview last summer Coes was asked about his future plans for Dewy Andreas. Coes replied St. Martin’s has already paid him for the next three Dewey books, so either you will see them or you will see his editor hunting him down with a machete. If Coes’ editor is half as good with a machete a Andreas would be Coes is in big trouble.


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