Some random book thoughts for September 2014

Just like my August posting I still have no idea what I’m going to cover in my “random book thoughts”. So we will once again just start typing and see what we come up with.

I bought a handful of books in August with Support and Defend, a Tom Clancy novel by Mark Greaney leading the list. I’ve already finished the book and will have a review up shortly. The others I grabbed were Blood Song by Anthony Ryan, Heirs of the Demon King: Uprising by Sarah Cawkwell, 12.21 by Dustin Thomason, and Mage’s Blood by David Hair. What’s funny about Mage’s Blood is even after noticing the $9.99 price tag I still grabbed it with little thought and yet I still hesitate to buy $8.99 mass market paperbacks. A switch in my buying habits? I guess we’ll see soon.

For the first time in a long while I’m reading books at a pace that’s faster than I’m buying them, even adding that I’m (generally) reviewing each book individually instead of using these “random thoughts” posts. With hockey season about to start I suspect my pace will start to slow, but I do have some books I anticipate as being great reads near the top of my “to read” pile so even with the available time to read being less I should still be ahead of my buying pace. I have managed to clear off one shelf of what was originally my “overflow” bookcase. The original plan was to use that bookcase for other things but my paperbacks took it over. Despite clearing a shelf off I suspect it will begin to fill up again before too long. It always does…

A look at September’s upcoming science fiction/fantasy books shows many interesting hardcovers coming out but not a lot of paperbacks I’m looking for. So the hardcovers head to the “waiting for paperback” list (I don’t really have one, it’s more a mental thing) and it could be another month of looking at some older stuff I didn’t notice the first time around. I still don’t have a good source of upcoming thrillers and mysteries so I catch them as I see them on the rack.

My wife is looking for a couple of books that are trade paperback only, so an Amazon order is likely in the works. When that happens I too have a few trades I’m wanting, so it will a good sized order. It’s funny, back before we bought our house we lived in a neighborhood where I was hesitant to have stuff shipped to our apartment but now that we live in suburbia I figured we’d have tons of stuff ordered online and shipped here. So far, the pace is about the same. Go figure. Old habits are hard to break.

At some point soon we’ll also be heading to a local used book store. My wife wants to reread a couple things she read years ago and paying full price for a book she’s already bought, read, and donated to charity seems like a waste. I usually refrain from buying stuff from second hand shops because the author doesn’t get paid for that sale. Seeing as we already bought it once and my wife continues to buy new stuff from the author I guess it’s OK under those circumstances.

For those wondering my “to read” shelf, and it’s really several book cases, is at 205 books. And that’s down from over 230 at one point earlier this year. Yes, I’m addicted to books.

September also means the new TV season starts, and that too will cut into my reading time. I just yesterday finally watched the remaining programs on my living room DVR, so except for a couple of one-shot things I recorded that’s all set for the fall TV season. My bedroom DVR is full of summer programming that my wife and I will slowly get to over the next few months as time allows. As I usually do, I’ll have a blog post up soon about the shows I’ll be DVRing over the winter.

So once again with no planning I’ve come up with a decent “random thoughts” posting. We’ll find out next month if I can make it three in a row. Until next time…


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