Hey, it looks different!

After a few years with the same theme I started with, and one that I wasn’t all that thrilled with, I finally spent some time looking through what was available and settled on this one. I think it looks nice, so odds are I’ll be keeping it unless someone has a good reason why I shouldn’t. It’s much more readable than the other, and I like the bright color. Eventually I’m going to add a blog roll of some of my favorites, so if for some reason you’ve added mine to your list let me know and I’ll most likely reciprocate.

While I was at it I edited my “about” page, which had been unchanged the entire time I’ve been here and still linked to a blog my wife and I shared that we haven’t updated in years. Because I was asked to by someone I also added a “Book Review Policy”, which if you couldn’t figure out by the way I wrote it I’m not really interested in doing it. Although I figure if you read the page and still fill the form out the least I can do is take a look at what you’ve got.

Despite making these changes I did get a couple more posts ready so we’ll be good to go come Monday afternoon.

Until next time…


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