Random Review: Brotherhood of War (books 7 to 9) by W.E.B. Griffin

This review does not contain spoilers.

For my review of the first six books in the series click here.

Series Name: Brotherhood of War
Author: W.E.B. Griffin
Series: Books 7 thru 9 of a 9 book series
Books included: The New Breed, The Aviators, Special Ops
Publisher(s): Jove
Format(s): Hardcover/Mass Market Paperback/Audiobook/eBook
Genre(s): Historical Fiction/Military fiction

Rating: 7/10

In book six of the story, The Generals, W.E.B. Griffin painted himself into a corner with a prologue that listed what happened to the main characters in the series. Because some of them were no longer in the military having them involved in a future story would be impossible, so Griffin simply created new characters and set The New Breed so it started in what was the middle of the timeline in The Generals so that there could be some interaction between the old characters and the “new breed”. The problem I have is the characters Griffin created were basically the same ones he just got rid of, just changing their names and making them younger.

Griffin continued the cycle by starting The Aviators in the middle of the timeline set in The New Breed, and unfortunately for the reader lifted some portions of chapters from the sixth book to the seventh. In Special Ops Griffin started the book just about where The New Breed ended, which means The Aviators overlaps the book that came before it and after it. Again, in Special Ops lifts sections of the previous books and simply inserts them into the latest one. It made it easy to see these three books were nothing but a money grab.

Because of the way Griffin wrote them the last three books can be read without reading the previous six, which was obviously by design. It took away from the momentum the previous books set and when read in succession as I did it really caused issues as the story lines progressed. The last three aren’t bad books, but they are by no means the high quality the first six were.

I do think they’re worth reading, especially if you’ve read the first six in the series, but be forewarned that they are not Griffin at his best.


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