What I’m DVR’ing this fall 2014

With the new fall TV season kicking off shortly I’ve got my list compiled of what I’ll be DVRing. When I mention a time it’s the airing time in the Eastern Time zone.

On Monday nights it will be Scorpion (CBS), a new show airing at 9pm that looks interesting, and then The Blacklist (NBC) at 10pm. NCIS:LA (CBS) has been moved from Tuesday nights to Monday, so that’s also a 10pm show I’ll be recording. My wife and I are absolutely hooked on The Blacklist, so we were very happy to see it getting a cult-like following as the show went on. NCIS:LA is another favorite of the two of us, so those probably won’t pile up on the DVR.

Tuesday is the only show I generally watch as it airs, NCIS (CBS) at 8pm, with newcomer NCIS: New Orleans and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) both airing at 9pm and being recorded. We tend to save up a few of the Marvel episodes and watch them all in a row, but spoilers were hard to avoid last year so we may need to change how we watch that show. My wife loves Scott Bakula so I have to think we may be watching NCIS:NO as it airs too.

There’s nothing on Wednesday I care about so that will likely be the night I catch up with what’s recorded.

Thursday’s will be Elementary (CBS) once Thursday Night Football moves over to the NFL network in mid-October. I make it no secret I’m a huge fan of Lucy Liu, but the series is pretty good so that’s a plus. I still find it funny that in the Elementary “universe” there is no fictional Sherlock Holmes nor apparently a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle unless he existed and just didn’t write any Holmes stores.

Friday is the new show Constantine (NBC) at 10pm. I’m a huge fan of the comic book Hellblazer the show is based on, but unfortunately the DC track record on TV shows isn’t very good. I’m hoping Constantine bucks the trend.

Nothing on Saturday so when there’s no hockey it will be another catch-up night.

On Sunday there’s Madam Secretary (CBS) at 8pm, which means its start time is variable due to NFL games running long. I’m going to give a look-see and if it doesn’t hold me quick it could be a goner.

Waiting in the wings is The Mentalist, which CBS has announced will be a mid-season replacement.

My wife’s DVR has a few things going on it, Revenge (ABC) on Sundays, Scandal (ABC) on Thursday, and Grimm (NBC) on Friday. I’m sure she’ll be adding others, she always does.

There are a few other programs we DVR but their schedules are the usual network ones so we have to be on the lookout for those start times.


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