How do you keep track of your “to be read” list?

Not a very long post on this Friday, but one I hope I can gather some information on. Because I’m in the middle of changing how I do it I’m wondering how do other folks keep track of the books the have/want to read.

What I currently have now is a spread sheet that’s three pages. The first page is the books I’ve read, the second page is the books I own and are on my actual “to read” list, and the third page is books I’m either looking for or might be interested in checking out when they’re released. As you may have guessed, switching from page to page on my phone while looking at shelves of books in stores is cumbersome at best, and immensely frustrating. What I’m working on is combining all three pages into one HUGE page, with books I’ve read, own, and looking for all in different font colors. That way I’m only looking and scrolling through one list. But as I work on making one last one question haunts me…

….is that the best way?

So folks, I ask you: is a single excel spreadsheet page using different colors the best way or do you have one better?


4 thoughts on “How do you keep track of your “to be read” list?

  1. I actually don’t have a list (as I always lose them so I just gave up keeping one) but I’m thinking if you have a smartphone or tablet then there will undoubtedly be an app designed for a to-be-read list!

  2. I use Goodreads. The mobile app is next to useless, but if you do the important stuff on your laptop/pc then you can easily sort your shelves from the mobile app. A feature I really do like is the barcode scanner. So I can scan a book and when it pops up, I can see if it’s on my To Be Read list and even check out some friend’s reviews.

  3. For the stuff I want to read but its not a priority, Goodreads. For the stuff I know Im going to be reading soon, soon being as far off as 6 months sometimes, I generally buy it, so whenever I’m ready to get to it, it’s already on the shelf.

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