Week in review, week ending 10/19/14

For those that are new, the following is a list of the blog posts I made over the last week, a few of the postings from people I follow that I thought were pretty good, and then lastly other posts I’ve stumbled into that folks might like to take a look at. Presuming I did it right all links will open new windows/tabs. In case you missed it, here’s last week’s posting.

From me this week there was…
On Monday I had some thoughts on Negative book reviews for no good reason, Wednesday I posted a review of Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith, and Friday I asked How do you keep track of your “to be read” list?.

From the folks I follow…
BlondeWriteMore asks How would you classify your blog post?.
The Credible Hulk shares with us his Top 5 Bad Seasons of Great Shows.

Some stuff I stumbled into…
Welcome to Trixieland has some thoughts on her bad reviews entitled Homewrecker, Whore, Slut: My bad reviews. I freely admit the reason I clicked on the posting was the word “slut” and the cartoony girl pictured with a gun. It turned into sort of a proof of my blog posting on negative reviews.
Blue Fezzes with a nice first posting simply called Books.

Links do not indicate an endorsement of the ideas presented, only that I thought the posting was worth taking a look at.


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