Week in review, week ending 11/2/14

For those that are new, the following is a list of the blog posts I made over the last week, a few of the postings from people I follow that I thought were pretty good, and then lastly other posts I’ve stumbled into that folks might like to take a look at. Presuming I did it right all links will open new windows/tabs. In case you missed it, here’s last week’s posting.

From me this week there was…
On Monday I had a look back at the life and music of Jack Bruce (which apparently no one cared about as it got virtually no page views), and on Friday my review of both The Riven Kingdom and Hammer of God by Karen Miller. WordPress “ate” Wednesday’s post; it will make an appearance in the near future.

From the folks I follow…
Dysfunctional Literacy asks Is This The End Of Amazon?. Spoiler alert: it’s not.
The Credible Hulk talks about Fullmetal Alchemist.
Writing about books answers several questions about how they Treat books. I’ll be stealing borrowing that list myself for next week.

Some stuff I stumbled into…
Thoughtfultomes compares and contrasts The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-Book vs. Movie. I loved the books, haven’t seen the movie.
The Wood Between the Worlds tells us How I Find Time To Read. Just skip over the part that says “Use audiobooks”.
sluicidate asks can the movie ever be better than the book?.
A Closet of Books lists for us the 7 Reading Personlities [sic] that Describe How We Read.
The Football Widow with a great world building type post called You’re doing WHAT?.

Links do not indicate an endorsement of the ideas presented, only that I thought the posting was worth taking a look at.

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