Week in review, week ending 11/9/14

For those that are new, the following is a list of the blog posts I made over the last week, a few of the postings from people I follow that I thought were pretty good, and then lastly other posts I’ve stumbled into that folks might like to take a look at. Presuming I did it right all links will open new windows/tabs. In case you missed it, here’s last week’s posting.

From me this week there was…
On Monday my monthly update called Some random book thoughts for November 2014, on Wednesday I asked How long until you decide to stop reading a bad book?, and Friday I answered some questions about how I treat my books.

From the folks I follow…
Chrissi Reads has a review of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass, a book with an incredibly cool cover that I will likely never read.
The Credible Hulk hits us with two good ones this week. First he lists his Top 5 Character Deaths. One that didn’t make his list that would likely make mine, Lt. Colonel Henry Blake from M*A*S*H*. His second is a profile of Bill Finger. ‘Who is Bill Finger?’, you ask? Batman fans (should) know.
As I Lay Reading take a look at A Game of Thrones. I’ll mention a spoiler warning for the post.

Some stuff I stumbled into…
Thoughtfultomes lists their Top 5 Science Fantasy Series. The “Heir to the Empire” trilogy (AKA “The Thrawn Trilogy”) by Timothy Zahn would make my list, the rest probably wouldn’t.
Stories Unfolded talks about her Friday Finds, but the key is she mentions a three story Barnes and Noble. Yes, you read that correctly, a three story Barnes and Noble. My wife would never let me go there for fear of not being able to find me in a bookstore that big!
Odds, Ends and Allsorts has a post In Defense of YA. I haven’t read any young adult books, although my wife has read many. She has said the YA field is “full of too many people trying to write ‘Harry Potter'”. I guess that’s no different than folks trying to copy Dan Brown…
Loreoftheunderlings author John Klobucher says his Lore Anyhology is free on Amazon until Wednesday, November 12th. He’s sort of local to me, so I figure I’ll give him a shout out. I don’t do eBooks, but I know many of my readers do. I’m sure he’d appreciate a review if you read it.

Links do not indicate an endorsement of the ideas presented, only that I thought the posting was worth taking a look at.


2 thoughts on “Week in review, week ending 11/9/14

  1. Thanks for the mention, 210Darryl, I really appreciate it! (And go Sharks!)

    “Lore of the Underlings” is an ongoing, lyrical fantasy-fiction serial with a dose of farce to boot. In fact, I’m writing a new episode (#8) as we speak. Lots more freebies on my blog (http://loreoftheunderlings.com).

    Thanks again. All the best,
    John Klobucher

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