Black Friday

As seemingly everyone in America knows, today is “Black Friday”. Or as I prefer to call it: “The Friday after Thanksgiving where normally sane people act like lunatics and buy crap they don’t need and can’t afford” Day. Granted it’s a very small sample size, but judging from what friends have said over the years very few of the things purchased on Black Friday are intended for Christmas presents, and are instead things these people are looking for themselves. That’s fine, I guess, but nearly everyone I know that’s buying stuff is saying they’ll be using a credit card. So how much money are they really saving when they figure in the interest on their purchase? I’m thinking not much.

As I have for most of the Black Fridays in my lifetime, I’m not planning on buying anything. In fact, odds are I won’t even be venturing out until the evening when I’ll be heading out to a hockey game. Years ago my wife and I used to go out on Black Friday and bring a friend of ours that works in retail a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee about lunch time. At the time he ran the electronics section for Caldor (a long out of business department store chain) at the Auburn Mall, and we would love to go in to see if he was still sane or not. Somehow he never seemed to lose him mind on Black Friday, unlike many of the people shopping.

There’s a meme going around the internet about Black Friday that’s both funny and true which says: “Black Friday: Because only in America people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what we already have.”.

So enjoy yourself shoppers, I’ll be sitting here all day reading.


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