What I read last year (2014)

As I do every January, here’s a recap of everything I read last year. Every book listed here has at least a mention (and should be pictured) or a full review* in a post made in 2014, so feel free to do a little scrolling and you can read what I have to say about them.

The Spirit War (Rachel Aaron) …537
Spirit’s End (Rachel Aaron) …550
Empire and Honor (W.E.B. Griffin) …660
Allegiance in Exile (David R. George III) …375
The King’s Deception (Steve Berry) …624
The Corpse-Rat King (Lee Battersby) …412
The Deaths of Tao (Wesley Chu) …462
Waging Heavy Peace (Neil Young) …502
The Secret Speech (Tom Rob Smith) …407
Wonderland (Ace Atkins) …339
The Lieutenants (W.E.B. Griffin) …401
The Captains (W.E.B. Griffin) …406
The Majors (W.E.B. Griffin) …376
The Colonels (W.E.B. Griffin) …470
The Berets (W.E.B. Griffin) …408
The Generals (W.E.B. Griffin) …378
The New Breed (W.E.B. Griffin) …379
The Aviators (W.E.B. Griffin) …455
Special Ops (W.E.B. Griffin) …773
Eye For An Eye (Ben Coes) …567
Hidden Order (Brad Thor) …377
Empress (Karen Miller) …737
The Riven Kingdom (Karen Miller) …756
Hammer of God (Karen Miller) …804
Semper Fi (W.E.B. Griffin) …344
Call To Arms (W.E.B. Griffin) …376
Counterattack (W.E.B. Griffin) …503
Battleground (W.E.B. Griffin) …487
Line of Fire (W.E.B. Griffin) …467
Close Combat (W.E.B. Griffin) …406
Behind the Lines (W.E.B. Griffin) …559
In Danger’s Path (W.E.B. Griffin) …723
Under Fire (W.E.B. Griffin) …723
Retreat, Hell! (W.E.B. Griffin) …628
Warbound (Larry Correia) …613
Hood (Stephen Lawhead) …479
Scarlet (Stephen Lawhead) …449
Tuck (Stephen Lawhead) …452
Support and Defend (Mark Greaney) …503
Kinsey and Me (Sue Grafton) …303
Farlander (Col Buchanan) …480
Agent 6 (Tom Rob Smith) …529
Men In Blue (W.E.B. Griffin) …340
Special Operations (W.E.B. Griffin) …356
The Victim (W.E.B. Griffin) …345
The Witness (W.E.B. Griffin) …426
The Assassin (W.E.B. Griffin) …453
The Murderers (W.E.B. Griffin) …528
The Investigators (W.E.B. Griffin) …578
Final Justice (W.E.B. Griffin) …518
The Traffickers (W.E.B. Griffin) …527
The Vigilantes (W.E.B. Griffin) …450
The Last Witness (W.E.B. Griffin) …389
The Gods of Guilt (Michael Connelly) …453
The Lincoln Myth (Steve Berry) …498
Full Force and Effect (Mark Greaney) …674
The Last Heroes (W.E.B. Griffin) …384
The Secret Warriors (W.E.B. Griffin) …403

Total pages: 28,591

It’s my second highest page count since I started keep track, but still far behind my 2013 total of 33,482. I’m not sure I’ll ever get that high a page count ever again, but I’ll sure have fun trying in 2015.

*Some reviews are still pending.


6 thoughts on “What I read last year (2014)

    • I’ve got five more Griffin books to go and then I’ll have read everything he’s put out in the last 30 years or so, minus the books just released and not out in paperback yet.

      • I was only teasing. I look forward reading my first one of his. Are they a series or can I just pick one up? Where do you suggest I jump in?

  1. (Not sure why it won’t let me directly reply under yours, maybe three is the limit on WP)…

    Everything I’ve read of his has been part of a series. I suggest either Brotherhood of War or The Corps to start. Both were excellent. Right now I’m in the middle of “Men At War”, which so far has been very good. You should check out his wiki page, which lists just about everything he’s written, for some idea what you’re looking at getting into.

    The series I would leave for last is Honor Bound because the last couple of books have been weak in that series. Way too much recapping of the previous books and not enough new stuff.

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