Some random book thoughts for January 2015

New year, same problem. I still don’t have a clue what I’ll be writing about each month in my “Random book thoughts” monthly posting. What I’ve done the last few months is just start to type and see what I come up with at the end, so I’ll continue the trend and see what it looks like when I’m done. For those that care, you can read last month’s thoughts right here.

With the new year there is an abundance of posts on WordPress (and elsewhere) talking about reading goals and how many books people are setting out to read. I’ve never set a goal for a number of books to read, and I won’t be breaking from that tradition. I figure how can anyone count a huge tome written by Patrick Rothfuss or Brandon Sanderson the same as some 150 page pulp novel? Really, how can War and Peace at generally over 1,200 pages and Tuesdays with Morrie at 192 pages count for the same? Both great books, but let’s be reasonable here. I’m for anything that gets people reading more, but just counting books might not give you the big picture.

So with that being said, I’ve usually just strived to read one page more than the last year (yes, another arbitrary goal because font size can effect page count) and have had varying degrees of success with that. If I don’t make that mark I don’t consider it a failure, especially if the books I’ve read have been great reads. That was the case in 2014, where I finished with less pages read than 2013 but as a whole I think I read many better books.

Another “goal” I set is to pick an author and over the summer read everything I can get my hands on that they’ve written. Two years ago it was Michael Connelly, and I whizzed right through them. Last summer is was W.E.B. Griffin, and I came up short because his books are significantly more in-depth than Connelly’s. It did come right down to the wire though, with me having seven Griffin books to go (and an 8th expected) and 12 days to go in the year. Alas, a family issue popped up that killed my reading time and I ended 2014 four Griffin books short. They’ll be done in a week or so and then it will be back to some science fiction/fantasy stuff. Still need to pick an author for this summer’s run, although I have hinted on what it may be. More on that later.

There were two books in December I was looking for, Hunter of Sherwood: The Red Hand by Toby Venables and Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect by Mark Greaney. I’ve already read and reviewed the Greaney book, and Toby Venables’ book now resides on the to-read shelf behind me. Of course those weren’t the only books I purchased. I also grabbed Hazardous Duty, the latest in W.E.B. Griffin’s “Presidential Agent” series, two reprints of P.R. Frost’s “The Tess Noncoire Chronicles” with each reprint containing two books in the series, and Dragon’s Run by Jody Lynn Nye, which is the continuation of Robert Asprin’s series.

There was nothing on the list of new science-fiction/fantasy paperbacks coming out in January that I’m waiting for, and as I still haven’t found a good listing on upcoming books in other genres I’ll just have to keep hitting the bookstores checking out the new stuff. Although who am I kidding, I could have a list of every book coming out ever and I’d still wander around browsing the store.


4 thoughts on “Some random book thoughts for January 2015

  1. […] Well, we’ve once again hit a new month and I still don’t have a clue what I’ll be writing about each month in my “Random book thoughts” monthly posting. Now add to that I had to take a quick vacation from blogging due to almost five feet of snow falling over the last two weeks (and as I post this it’s snowing again) and then a huge back-up of other things going on and what we’re going to get is, well, me just typing and seeing what I mash out when I’m done. It’s worked well the last few months so hopefully the trend continues. For those that care, you can read last month’s thoughts right here. […]

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