Week in review, week ending 2/15/15

In a feature I started a few months ago, and then stopped a couple weeks ago, my “Week in review” postings begin once again, this time on Monday morning as opposed to Sunday afternoon. For those that are new to my “Week in Review” postings, the following is a list of the blog posts I made last week, a few of the posts from people I follow that I thought were pretty good, and then lastly other posts I’ve stumbled into that folks might like to take a look at. Presuming I did it right all links will open new windows/tabs. Usually I link back to the previous “Week in review” post, but we’ll start fresh today.

From me this week there was…
On Monday I posted my Some random book thoughts for February 2015, Wednesday saw the continuation of my top 5 movie countdown with My top 5 favorite westerns: #2 The Shootist, and Friday saw my review of Hazardous Duty by W.E.B. Griffin, the lowest rating I’ve given a book since I started reviews here.

From the folks I follow…
The Credible Hulk takes a look at Comic Book History: Batman: The Killing Joke. If I had to list my top ten comics ever, Batman: The Killing Joke easily makes that list. Plus it’s Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, it almost had to be great.
Not The Baseball Pitcher has a music video of 2Cellos & Lang Lang: Live and Let Die. Those 2Cellos guys really rock it.

Some stuff I stumbled into…
Polinankbooksreview has a nice review of Dan Brown’s Inferno.
The Grimdark Review has a Interview: Mark Lawrence- What’s Next?. I have Lawrence’s Broken Empire Trilogy sitting on my to-read shelf.

Not a lot of “stumbled into” stuff this week because I avoided everything even remotely related to Valentine’s Day or 50 Shades.

Links do not indicate an endorsement of the ideas presented, only that I thought the posting was worth taking a look at.


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