What I read last year (2015)

As I do every January, here’s a recap of everything I read last year. With multiple projects going on last year taking time away from reading and blogging my page count is way down from 2014, and there aren’t any reviews/comments about the vast majority of these books. Because this blog won’t exclusively be about books anymore that means my “Random book thoughts” postings will go back to being what they once were, brief reviews of what I read last month. Those postings will (probably) return at the beginning of February.

The Soldier Spies (W.E.B. Griffin) …415
The Fighting Agents (W.E.B. Griffin) …438
The Saboteurs (W.E.B. Griffin) …497
The Double Agents (W.E.B. Griffin) …463
The Spymasters (W.E.B. Griffin) …447
Hazardous Duty (W.E.B. Griffin) …448
Orr: My story (Bobby Orr) …290
Chasing the Bear (Robert Parker) …169
Silent Night (Robert Parker) …230
Act of War (Brad Thor) …358
Dragons Wild (Robert Asprin) …360
Dragons Luck (Robert Asprin) …369
The Ascendant (Drew Chapman) …510
The Edinburgh Dead (Brian Ruckley) …354
The Burning Room (Michael Connelly) …388
Monster Hunter: Nemesis (Larry Correia) …502
Cheap Shot (Ace Akins) …370
The Rebirths of Tao (Wesley Chu) …508
Runner (Patrick Lee) …385
Rasputin’s Shadow (Raymond Khoury) …517
Dragons Deal (Jody Lynn Nye) …385
Blood of Tyrants (Naomi Novik) …500
Dragons Run (Jody Lynn Nye) …406
Across the Face of the World (Russell Kirkpatrick) …721
Top Secret (W.E.B. Griffin) …541
One Rough Man (Brad Taylor) …417
All Necessary Force (Brad Taylor) …383
Enemy of Mine (Brad Taylor) …534
The Widow’s Strike (Brad Taylor) …518
The Polaris Protocol (Brad Taylor) …534
Days of Rage (Brad Taylor) …515
X (Sue Grafton) …403
In the Earth Abides the Flame (Russell Kirkpatrick) …670
The Right Hand of God (Russell Kirkpatrick) …687
Red Sparrow (Jason Matthews) …563
The Falcon Throne (Karen Miller) …706
Requiem (Ken Scholes) …398
I Am Pilgrim (Terry Hayes) …791
The Lies of Locke Lamora (Scott Lynch) …722
The Assassination Option (W.E.B Griffin) …478


One thought on “What I read last year (2015)

  1. If only I read as much as that…
    Plan to read more this year. Got 3-4 books lined up as it is. (Not counting audiobooks.)

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