What’s old is new again

So I was taking part a “conversation” in a writer’s Facebook group about blogging, and how writers really should have a blog even of they only update it a couple times a week. The idea was that non-Facebook postings drew people to your website, and if people then shared your blog post back to Facebook it would look more professional than someone just sharing your status, which would often times get skipped over in the mass of postings everyone gets in their timelines. Plus it had the added advantage of leading to more potential sales of your older books.

Well, none of that really applies to me. I’m not a professional writer, I don’t have a website, and I have nothing to sell. I was added as a member of that group a year or so ago because a couple writers had questions about WordPress blogs, and since I’ve helped a few folks that struggle with “computer stuff” set up blogs of their own they needed an “expert” to help them. Now I’m sure you’re laughing at me being labeled an expert on anything, and to be honest I found it extremely humorous myself. I wasn’t happy with being added to the group with no one asking, but a few moments of scrolling the topics I decided to stick around.

As the conversation wound the normal course of anything on Facebook the topic of the conversation moved toward why people who had blogs stopped blogging in the first place. My issue really came down to lack of time. With so many other projects taking what free time I had available this blog, and the huge amount of time it took committing to four posts a week, dropping this was an easy decision. Plus readership had dropped to the point it didn’t make sense to put that much time into this when only 20 or so people were regularly reading.

On top of that I had kind of painted myself into a corner. The blog, called “Random Thoughts of 210Darryl” had devolved into “Just book and movie thoughts from 210Darryl”. That’s not what I originally envisioned for this space, and when creative things don’t turn out like you want them your interest in that thing wanes. Such was the case here.

But, nonetheless, here I am again. And why I’m here is because I’m taking part in a challenge/contest. The only thing I’m allowed to say about the challenge/contest is that I’m in one. How’s it’s judged, or what the rules are, or anything else about it is off limits for posting. I did successfully lobby to be able to mention it’s called a “challenge/contest” because we couldn’t agree if it was a challenge or a contest, a fact I found very funny. We could agree on everything except what it should be called. Head shakes all around, I guess.

People who were around previous to this posting will notice a few cosmetic changes to the blog. Gone is the blog roll on the right. I plan to put it back in the future. If I had an agreement with your blog to exchange links in our blog rolls feel free to comment on any post reminding me and I’ll make sure to add it on.

That’s it for now…we’ll see what next time brings.


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