Nothing about everything, or everything about nothing

As I’ve been doing the last few days, I begin this post very shortly after publishing the previous one. I figure I’m more likely to post something if I’ve already got some stuff worked on than if I need to just rush something out. So far, if I’m allowed to call three days “so far”, it’s worked out well. I just look at my notepad, pick a subject I’ve already jotted down a few thoughts about, and start typing.

Except that notepad is out in the living room.

Now I could very easily just walk my fat rear-end out to the front of the house to get the notepad, but it’s hot out there and I’m nice and comfy in my office chair in front of this fan. It would be better had I left the notepad in my air conditioned bedroom, because then I’d just grab my laptop and write in there. I’m sure some of you are thinking I could grab my laptop, head in to the living room to grab my notebook, and then head into the bedroom to write, and you’re absolutely right. I could.

Except there’s no place for my drink in the bedroom.

I really need a beverage when I write. Usually it’s a coffee; hot no matter the temperature outside. I can, and have, written while drinking iced coffee. It’s a nice change of pace. On rare occasions, like right now, it’s a soft drink. I don’t even know if the cool kids still call them “soft drinks”. I’d be shocked if they did. They probably just use “soda”. It would make an interesting blog post to compare what us old timers call things vs what kids today call them. I should jot that down.

Except that notepad is out in the living room.

Obviously I need a better system. I guess I should just keep my list online in the cloud so I can always have access to it. All of my devices connect to my cloud storage, so it does make sense me to utilize it for stuff like this. And it’s not like I don’t already do that for my sports blog. Plus I could even jot down additional notes on the list when something strikes me, and maybe even finish a posting or two on the list itself while I’m waiting.

Except I notice my cloud storage is full.

You’d think with three different storage sites I’d have more than enough space, but with each having limits because I’m too cheap to use anything but free versions I have reached the maximum on all of them. Well, not entirely, as I do have a touch of space on all of them. But as I don’t delete stuff out of the storage until the new version is there, I need that small amount of space for the new stuff to take the place of the older stuff. So I guess I’ll just go out and get the notepad after all.

Except when I went out to the living room, the pad wasn’t there.



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