So, now I got nothing

This obviously is not the post I intended to make today. I had one ready to go that I finished Thursday, and was looking forward to just hanging out this afternoon as I have all day tomorrow to come up with something for Saturday. So when I got home from work I just double checked to make sure the image would load correctly, and then skimmed over the post one last time to see if there was any editing errors I’d made. It was while I was skimming I noticed something.

The post was terrible.

I mean, it was god-awful. I know what I meant to say in the post, it just didn’t really say what I wanted it to. Then I noticed that many of the humorous asides I added weren’t anywhere near as humorous as I originally thought they were. The image also didn’t really convey the right tone of the post either. For the most part, it was total crap.

On the plus side it was grammatically perfect, so it had that going for it. And there was one good joke in it, which I will share at some point if I can work it in somewhere. But that was it. Into the trash it went.

So, now I got nothing.

I guess I could have just passed on making a post today, but I’ve got a good run going this past week. Despite knowing I pretty much have no chance of winning the challenge/contest that started me blogging again I really want to keep this going. That means making a post even when you really don’t have anything worthwhile to bring to the table.

Scrolling through the news sites I don’t see anything I really want to make a huge blog post about. I did notice it was Geddy Lee’s birthday, but does the world really need anyone else posting videos of Tom Sawyer and New World Man? I think not. Writing anything political that isn’t comedy based makes me want to throw up, so that’s out. I’m trying to avoid anything book or TV related for now, so those are out. Essentially, this is it for today.

A whole lot of nothing.


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