Can’t play

This morning the first thing I thought when I looked out window was “Can’t play”. Having to go to work had nothing to do with that thought, it had everything to do with the weather.

When I was in high school and had summers off I spent a lot of time either caddying or playing golf. In either case the weather is important, and really came down to two options: “Can play” or “Can’t play”.

This morning was absolutely “Can’t play”.

What’s funny about the two terms is even if you’ve never heard anyone say anything like that, and you’re a golfer, you know exactly where the line between the two is without thinking about it.

Case in point, when I walked into work today the first thing my boss said to me was “crappy morning”. I replied “Yep, can’t play”. He just nodded, although I know I’ve never said that to him before.

It was later in the morning when I saw him looking out one of the bay door windows, leaning to get a better look toward the west. I asked him if it was still raining. Without looking toward me he kept looking out the window and replied…

“Can play”.


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