No News Is Good News

We’ve all heard the adage, and despite it meaning different things to different people it really comes down to a logical fallacy that if you don’t hear anything about something, everything must be good about it. Only this post isn’t about the adage, it’s about the fact that as I type this there is literally no good news listed in my news feed: every story has a significant negative in it.

The first headline I saw was “All passengers escape fiery Emirates jetliner crash”. Boy, that absolutely sounds like great news. Except in the article it says a firefighter dies fighting the flames. So I guess when compared to “it could have been worse” it’s good news, but it’s not entirely good news for all involved.

The second headline was “DC transit police officer charged with aiding ISIS”. Now if a transit police officer was helping the DC Comics heroine Isis that would be good news, but, alas, it’s not. Or at least I presume it’s not, I didn’t click the article.

The top “entertainment” headline I saw was “America’s Got Talent contestant shot in the throat with flaming arrow as stunt goes wrong”. I’m tempted to ask where he was supposed to get shot with that arrow, but suddenly I’m so sure I want to know.

Excluding the political headlines, which I’m ignoring here on the blog for now, I counted 26 news stories that were specifically about bad news and not a single one that could be classified as “good news”. So, because I feel compelled to share some good news, allow me to mention something that happened yesterday. It didn’t rain all day.

At least it’s something.


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