Why I’m here and doing this again

I was asked yesterday why I’ve suddenly started making blog posts everyday after taking so much time off. I kind of answered that before on the first post of my return where I said I was taking part in a challenge/contest. Now when I joined the contest/challenge I knew I had little to no chance of winning, so that isn’t the real reason I decided to give this a try again. The reason is actually pretty simple…

I just wanted to see if I could do it.

Challenging yourself to do things is what people should be doing. Set a goal, work toward that goal, and if you reach it set a new one and start again. So my goal is to make a post every day for a month. And it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I have a few things penciled in for the month, but nowhere near enough for each day. So for most days I just start mashing out a few thoughts during the day on my phone and then polish it off in the afternoon on my computer. At some point in the future I know I’ll be staring at a blank screen minutes away from the 4:45pm EDT posting time I’m shooting for. That’s when the real challenge will begin.

Another issue might crop up next week when the Worcester Bravehearts start their playoff run. That means two blog posts a day (one here and one on 210Sports), with both tentatively scheduled for the exact time. That could conceivably be six days of double posts. At least for the ones on the sports blog the things I’ll be writing about will already have taken place so all I have to do is put words to the results, but it will still take a bit of time away from coming up with ideas for here.

I’m really trying to avoid book posts as that’s pretty much what this blog ended up being the last time. Writing reviews is a far too easy way to get a post made up, and I’m working hard to avoid that trap again. It was suggested I could complete a few of the “series” posts I was making, but those never really interested me and were mostly just a way to fill blog space.

So for now I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing.


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