Some People Just Like To Complain

I am amazed by the number of people who can find something to complain about in every situation. I’m not talking about when something actually goes wrong, I’m talking about people that just aren’t happy no matter how good something turns out.

Case in point, today the company I work for had a free cookout for lunch. It was the standard fare: hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, a variety of chips, cold drinks, and a dessert. Now I know we’re not talking gourmet food here, it was a freakin’ cookout. The food was fine. The burgers and hot dogs were hot, the potato salad was cold; everything was about as good as could be expected for a crowd of 300+ people. And yet some people still complain.

Now I have come to expect that there are some people you can never please. They always seem to be the only one that got the undercooked burger, or the burnt hot dog, or a variety of other possibilities that only seems to happen just to them. What I heard today tops them all. It was so mind boggling stupid I was certain I had heard it wrong. But they repeated it to other people, so I know I correctly heard exactly what they said…

Apparently the onions were cut too small.

As someone that doesn’t usually put onions on his burger I have to admit I didn’t notice them at all. I saw there was some, but that’s the limit to my knowledge of the subject. I have no idea if the onions were indeed cut too small. Heck, I have no idea how big they should be cut.

But I am smart enough to know if they’re cut small to ask for more.

Knowing who the complainer was I know that if it wasn’t the “too small” chopped onions they would have found something else to complain about. Every single time the company buys us lunch this person complains about some portion of it, and inevitably says they’re never going to take part in these free lunches again.

I’ll bet any amount of money they were among the first in line. Because you know if they didn’t get that occasional free lunch they’d be the first to complain about not getting one.


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