Sunday Funday: Recap and Tidbits 3

We’ve hit another Sunday, but this time we’ve also hit a bump in the road. I tried to make a “scheduled post” yesterday as I was unsure of my internet availability, and I failed to do that correctly. So I missed yesterday, theoretically penalizing myself in the contest/challenge to post for 30 days in a row. But seeing as I’m lagging far behind in the scoring anyway it’s not like it really matters that much. I’m throwing that post back in the hopper and it will go up sometime over this week.

Also because I was away yesterday and spent some time getting ready for the gathering (there will be a post about it soon) I didn’t get to do a whole lot of news reading over the past few days, so this will be a lean posting. With baseball being over for the local team I’ll be back on my normal schedule this week and hopefully will get some interesting stuff up. I guess we’ll both see together.

Now, on to a few tidbits…

Lots of my friends watch Criminal Minds and are talking about Thomas Gibson’s firing. Based on what I’m reading online there’s a lot more going on there than just Gibson having a physical encounter with writer-producer Virgil Williams. With so much money on the line for all parties a fight on-set between two people is almost always worked out somehow, so the fact Gibson was fired says to me this could be the latest in a long line of issues involving Gibson.

It stinks for fans of the show, and I get why they would be upset over what’s happened. But if you look at this from a “real world” perspective (because we all know things that happen in Hollywood seldom qualify as “real world) starting a fight with a coworker gets you fired from the vast majority of jobs, and this situation shouldn’t be any different. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this.

This is the first time I can recall going a full week of an Olympics without watching more than a handful of seconds of it live. With highlights available on the internet nearly instantly after the event is over watching on TV isn’t that important any more. NBC has paid over $12 billion to broadcast the Olympics until 2032 games, and executives there surely must be worried about the ability, legally or not, of people to watch events on the internet.

I haven’t seen any TV ratings for the games, but I’ll be a bit surprised if they’re as good as the 2012 games. When you figure that those games were in London and not in the same time zones as the US it’s not a good sign for NBC’s investment. I could be totally wrong and they’re raking in the viewers, but at least those I’m talking to are watching a whole lot less of the games on TV. Time will tell.

When it comes to video games I’m pretty much just a Diablo 3 player. Several of the guys at work were talking about Fallout 4 a few weeks back and I was intrigued, but it’s not the kind of game that really interests me so I didn’t get it. After reading about No Man’s Sky I am once again thinking about buying a new game to play, although if I do I’ll be waiting for them to work all the kinks out. It seems the version for PlayStation4 works great but there are some issues in the PC version. Will be waiting for the “all clear” on that before deciding.

My favorite headline of the week: “Apartment set on fire by homemade cockroach-killing flamethrower.” – UPI. Guess he should have gotten one at the store…

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And finally, your moment of Zen… (and what else could it be this week?)

Sunday Funday: Recap and Tidbits 2

So I’ve managed to reach another Sunday while making a post every day. Already see a potential bump in the road for next Saturday as I’m attending an all-day event (which I’ll have a posting about afterward) and won’t have any time to blog that day. The event is at a place with spotty cell access too, so getting on the internet will likely not be possible. So I guess that’s two bumps in the road.

A third bump in the road might be the need to make a blog post early Saturday morning about a potential college summer baseball playoff game the night before. Going to gave a busy week for as long as the Worcester Bravehearts stay alive in their playoffs. Semi-finals are Monday, Tuesday, and (if necessary) Wednesday, with the finals being Thursday, Friday, and (if necessary) Saturday. That’s a lot of blogging on top of doing my regular work. Guess we’ll all see how this turns out.

Now on to the tidbits…

I’m part of the ever-growing crowd that’s already had enough of this election. If anyone had written what has happened so far as a book it would have been rejected as being unrealistic. It’s like two crazy reality TV stars joined forces to make an even worse show than they usually have. And we have three more months of this insanity. You want to know why the rest of the world laughs at us, this is the reason.

I was sent an email with the following question the other day…”What do the following pairs/groups of people all have in common? Each group has the same thing in common”. These were the pairs/groups:
Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Karl Marx
Charlie Chaplin and 50 Cent
Betty White and Alexander Graham Bell
Ben Franklin and Mozart
Pharrell Williams and Pablo Picasso
Confucius and Buddha

I didn’t get the answer and had to look it up…each person was alive at the same time as the others in their group. I never would have guessed that.

Revolver, my second favorite Beatles album, turned 50 years old this week. From Harrison’s mono-tone “One, two, three four…” opening of Taxman all the way to the end of Tomorrow Never Knows it’s just as solid as a record can be. Many call Revolver the best album the Beatles ever recorded, for my money that would be Rubber Soul. They just don’t make music like those anymore.

Speaking of terrible reality TV, Jack Osbourne on Sway in the Morning discussed his parent’s relationship, saying “They Don’t Have a Picture-Perfect Marriage”….yeah, no kidding. Is anyone who knows Ozzy Osbourne’s history really shocked he screws around on his wife Sharon? To be honest I’m shocked the dude is still alive.

My favorite headline of the week: “No, You Don’t Have to Worry (Much) About Getting Clobbered by an Asteroid”,…that’s good.

My second favorite headline: “Poop is spontaneously combusting in upstate New York”,…that’s not so good.

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And finally, your moment of Zen…

Sunday Funday: Recap and Tidbits

So we’ve reached Sunday. The previous time I was making regular posts here Sunday was “Week in Review”, part of which included me mentioning a whole ton of articles from WordPress blogs I had read over the previous week that I thought folks should check out. That “feature” here is completely dead. I know it was popular because of the number of page views and click-throughs I was seeing in my stats. And that’s the reason I’m not doing it any more.

When you link to another WordPress blog post the person(s) with admin access to the site gets a notification just like someone left a comment. And then in their admin dashboard they can see if anyone that visited their blog used the link to get to their blog. Some of those blogs I was linking to were getting upwards of two dozen referrals from this blog to theirs and they couldn’t have been bothered to spend the minute it would take to comment or “like” my post. So to hell with them.

That left me with “what the heck to do on Sunday?”. Just recapping what I posted during the week seems a bit self-serving, and after a couple weeks of that Sunday would probably be just a waste as no one would bother. So with the huge amount of things going on in the world that I have thoughts on that wouldn’t be enough for a blog post, I figure Sunday would be a great time to mention a few of them. So here they are…

Last night was the mascot reveal for the Worcester Railers, our new pro hockey team, at a game for the Worcester Bravehearts, our summer college baseball team. Part of that unveiling was the first 100 “members” (season ticket holders) of the Railers and the first 400 Bravehearts fans through the turnstile would receive a very cool free t-shirt. These two facts were widely publicized.

There are over 600 “members” of Railers HC (all of whom got a free ticket to the game, BTW), and the Bravehearts are averaging over 2,000 people per game. So why would anyone arriving twenty minutes before the first pitch think they’d fall into either one of these two groups? The three people I heard complaining were all season ticket holders of the previous hockey team, so they know all about free giveaways and that you need to be early. Actually, knowing who a couple of those people are, I shouldn’t be shocked.

Pokemon Go isn’t really my thing, but I’m all for anything that gets young people outside. The stories you hear about players hurting themselves or causing accidents really don’t represent the group of players as a whole. As in any large group there’s going to be a small percentage that are just, well, stupid.

Word is that the creators of the game are about to allow locations to opt-out of the game so no Pokemon characters will be available to capture there. That’s a great idea, mostly because that small group of idiots didn’t seem to understand playing Pokemon Go at a cemetery or a war memorial might be distasteful for some.

Can anyone tell me why Paris Hilton thinks she could become a target of ISIS? On second thought, please don’t.

Of all the possible ways I might die, you can safely rule out “hot air balloon crash” as one of the reasons. There’s no way I’m getting into one, and I’m very certain one won’t be crashing into me. Perhaps the most horrifying news of the balloon crash in Lockhart, Texas is they still can’t figure out how many people were in the basket and died. Think about that for a moment.

My favorite headline of the week: “Mercedes Pulled a Self-Driving Car Ad Because It’s Not Actually a Self-Driving Car”…yeah, I guess that’s a pretty good reason.

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And finally, your moment of Zen…