Doing more blog maintenance

Nothing drastic like last Sunday where I changed just about everything on the blog. Today I just rearranged some stuff in the menu on the right side and added a list of blogs I follow that I think folks should check out. Most I had already mentioned in this post but now they’ll always be listed. If you don’t see yours and you think it should be there, just add a comment and I’ll be glad to rectify the situation.

I’m also thinking about going to a custom URL. If anyone has any advice on that, good or bad, speak up. I’m really thinking about it more for the “cool” factor but if it causes a potential headaches I’d like to know before hand. Heck, if you have any advice at all about anything on the site let me know.

It will be another full week of posts, with a book review a couple folks have asked about (they know I read it because it was listed on the Goodreads widget for awhile) and some other stuff in the “drafts” just waiting for me to mash the publish button.

Until next time…


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