Some thoughts on the Casey Anthony trial

I think we’ve all missed the bigger picture here in the Casey Anthony trial…the prosecution dropped the ball in a dramatically ugly fashion.

Once they determined Casey was Caylee’s killer instead of continuing to gather evidence against Casey they arrested her, which starts the clock ticking toward putting her on trial. There was no rush to arrest her as there is no statute of limitations for murder, yet they did so anyway because of public pressure. They then compounding their original mistake by vastly overcharging based on the evidence they had, and didn’t have one iota of proof to support the capital charge.

The biggest issue people seem to have is they hear Casey’s defense and see it for what it is–total crap. Except in our legal system what the defense offers is irrelevant if the prosecution’s case cannot stand on its own, and the prosecution’s case has a lot of holes in it because they rushed the proceedings due to public pressure.

The system worked exactly as it was supposed to; a jury believing a defendant was guilty had to vote to acquit because the prosecution could not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Do I think Casey killed Caylee? I sure do. Ignoring everything the defense said at trial did the prosecution prove that (because that’s the standard in a trial–the prosecution’s case must stand on its own)? No, they most certainly did not.

And that’s where our anger should be focused.


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