The Great TV Debacle, part deux

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that during our move we had a little issue with moving my television. Now this is the second time that TV has caused me a slight headache, but this one was more from laughter than frustration.

So we pick up the story in my living room, with the truck basically full and us taking a little break before carrying some smaller stuff down to cube out the truck. Now I should note that the amount of graduate and post-graduate degrees in the room at that point was pretty high, so we’re not talking about a group of idiots here. Or, are we…

My buddy Rich had been given a large boxed kit specifically made for moving large TV sets by a neighbor of his, who had at some point purchased this box from UHaul for the ungodly price of $80. It was free to us, so of course we were going to use it. And the instructions seemed easy enough, pull the contents out of the box, “unroll” the outer shell, and set up the two pads that sit on the sides of the TV.

Now these two side pads are of the “insert tab ‘A’ into slot ‘B'” variety to form a padded “L” shape that would sit the TV above the base of the box, and then you roll the front and back of the box over the bottom to form a large box with handles. The problem was no one could figure out exactly how tab “A” fit into slot “B”. The picture made it look like it should just slide in, but the tab was much larger than the slot and no one could figure out how the two fit together.

After about 5 minutes of struggling we finally realized that we had to fold tab “A” and then slide the folded tab through the slot, unfolding it once it was through. Now these two pads are side specific, so one was made for the left side and one for the right. Of course no one noticed that at the time, so when we attempted to place the TV into the slots it didn’t fit.

It didn’t take too long to figure out what the problem was, so all it took was switching around the two side pads and away we went…right back to picking up the TV again because now we had the front of the TV facing the wrong way in the box (yes, as we found out, it did matter). Now I will tell you that for a very short moment we were thinking of turning the bottom of the box around as opposed to to just flipping the TV, but the fact the box is six feet (give or take) long when unrolled we quickly realized that was the wrong way to go about it.

So, we turned the TV around and went to put it back in the side pads, which are now facing the wrong direction again so the TV doesn’t fit in them. Up the TV goes again and this time we get everything facing the right direction and sitting correctly. Now the easy part, folding the front and back of the box up to form one large carton.

I tape the top of the box to keep it together, but looking at it I’m not convinced that just taping the box is enough, so I go around the outside of the box two or three times to make sure it’s good and secure. In my exuberance I also managed to tape over all the hand holds. Oops.

Then Rich and I carry the box out to his Durango, where of course the box doesn’t fit standing up. So, because it traveled to my house originally on its back, we laid it down gently and hoped for the best. Since it’s a mildly humorous story you can guess all ended well, but I really wish I had a video of our ineptness getting it into that box because it would have gotten a lot of hits on YouTube.

I still have the box if anyone needs it, but somehow I lost the instructions. Not that you really need them, not as long as you have a handful of college graduates to help.


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