Get to know me a bit better…55 bookish questions! (part one)

I was scrolling through some of the new blog posts the other day tagged “books” (which is why you should tag your posts correctly, but I digress) and stumbled into a post on “Chrissi Reads” called Get to know me a bit better…55(!) Bookish questions!. I thought many of the questions were interesting, and seeing as I’m trying to blog more often it seemed like a good idea for me to do to. Now make sure to give the link a click so you can see how she answered. Because 55 seems like a post that would be way too long I’ll do 23 now and the last 22 a little later on. So, here we go…

1. Favorite Childhood Book:
I don’t recall a specific book, but I really loved the “Hardy Boys” books when I was younger. Of the 58 original hardcovers (How is it I know how many there were in that series?) I had well over 40 of them. Each was read multiple times.

2. What are you reading right now?
As I type this, Scarlet by Stephen Lawhead. As for what I’m reading when I post this, I don’t know for certain yet but odds are it will be book three in that series, Tuck.

3. What books do you have on request at the library?
I don’t borrow books from the library.

4. Bad Book Habit:
Not sure I have one. I’ve come back to this one two or three times now but still can’t think of one.

5. What do you currently have checked out of the library?
I don’t borrow books from the library.

6. Do you have an e – reader?
No, and I’m not planning on getting one anytime soon.

7. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once?
I generally read one at a time. If circumstances require me to be reading two different books I make sure they are of different genres.

8. Have your reading habits changed since you started a blog?
Not at all.

9. Least favorite book you have read this year:
The Book of Joby by Mark J. Ferrari. It’s the first book in a long, long while that I did not finish. After about a third of the way through I just couldn’t stomach another page of it.

10. Favorite book I have read this year:
In Danger’s Path by W.E.B. Griffin. It’s the eighth book in his “The Corps” series and might be the best book he’s ever written.

11. How often do you read out of your comfort zone?
Just about never.

12. What is your reading comfort zone?
Science fiction/fantasy, mysteries, thrillers. I’ve been on a historical fiction kick lately.

13. Can you read on the bus?
I used to be able to, although I haven’t tried in 20ish years.

14. Favorite place to read?
I have a very comfy Queen Anne chair in my office I like to read in.

15. What’s your policy on book lending?
I just about never lend books, but because I’ve gotten over the compulsive need to keep everything I’ve read I do tend to give away lots of books.

16. Do you dog ear your books?
Absolutely not!

17. Do you write notes in the margin?
Another emphatic “NO!”.

18. Do you break/crack the spines of your books?
Doing so would likely cause me extreme emotional distress.

19. What is your favorite language to read in?
Well, English is the only language I’m comfortable reading in. I can read Spanish reasonably well, but I know I’d lose so much of the story were I to try to read a book in Spanish.

20. What makes you love a book?
It starts with the characters. If you don’t like the characters, you can’t possibly like the book.

21. What will inspire you to recommend a book?
Well, loving the book would have to the reason.

22. Favorite genre:
Science fiction/Fantasy

23. Genre you rarely read, but wish you did:
I should read more biographies.


4 thoughts on “Get to know me a bit better…55 bookish questions! (part one)

  1. I never thought I would ever want to leave traditional books for an e-reader, until I gave it a try. I absolutely love it. As you know, many fantasy books are huge! And the e-reader doesn’t gain an ounce. I also love to be able to highlight passages that impact me using my e-reader that I would never have done in a traditional book.

    From time to time I go to Barnes and Noble, pick up a book off the shelf and begin to read it. The feel and the smell makes me nostalgic, but I get my fix and can go back to my e-reader happy and content.

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