Some random book thoughts for October 2014

Well, once again we enter into a new month and I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to be writing about in these monthly updates. Like last month (and the month before) I’ll just start typing and we’ll see what we end up with when I get to the end.

Despite a couple of trips to Barnes & Noble I didn’t pick up anything new. I did go hog wild at a local used book story, picking up books that I was missing in a few series. I finally have all the books in W.E.B. Griffin’s “Badge of Honor Series”, so I will likely start those soon. My wife also found the trade paperbacks she was looking for, so we didn’t make an order with Amazon. That will happen in October as there are two things she wants (neither books) where Amazon is the cheapest. I will undoubtedly include things for me in that order.

Over the previous few months I’d been reading faster books faster than I’d been buying them, and discounting the used book haul that’s still true of last month only because I didn’t buy anything. A lot of my reading time has been taken up by another project, plus the book I started earlier in the month just hasn’t grabbed my attention. By the time I post this that book will be done and hopefully I’ll be back up to full steam. With hockey season coming up my free time dips a lot, so I may go from four updates a week here to three. Not excited about posting less now that I’m on a set schedule (that I’m actually following!), but we’ll see how that works out.

Just saw the list of new science fiction/fantasy books coming out in October, and like last month it’s a great month for hardcovers and not many paperbacks (actually, there’s none) that I’m looking for. I’m definitely at the point where I should create a “waiting for the paperback” list. There’s got to be dozens of them. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend. Because I’ve not yet found a comprehensive list of new thrillers and mysteries coming out I’ll just have to stumble into the ones I might be interested in. Knowing my luck they’ll all be in hardcover.

In the near future I’ll have a post coming up soon about negative reviews on books that I loved. I know there will be a post because I just edited three paragraphs about it out of this post and into another. The review I wrote that resulted in those words being typed hasn’t been posted here yet, so once I do that I can reference that book review as I compare it to some others.

Well, not as long a post as the last. Maybe by November I’ll have an idea what I’ll be talking about in each monthly update. If you were smart you wouldn’t bet on that.

Until next time…


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