Week in review, week ending 10/5/14

I’m getting some great input on these “Week in Review” postings on Facebook and Twitter (come on folks, you could just comment right here!) that it looks like they’re here to stay. In case you missed it, here’s last week’s posting. So for those that are new, the following is a list of the blog posts I made over the last week, a few of the postings from people I follow that I thought were pretty good, and then lastly other posts I’ve stumbled into that folks might like to take a look at. Presuming I did it right all links will open new windows/tabs.

From me this week there was…
On Monday my review of Brad Thor’s Hidden Order, Wednesday saw my monthly installment of Random Book Thoughts, and Friday was a review of Karen Miller’s Empress

From the folks I follow…
The Motley Magpie has a review of one of the best comics ever written in BONE: When the Comic Strip meets High Fantasy.
Clownshoes posted the second part of his story, called appropriately enough, Exodus: Part 2.
From EverydayEverythingEveryone we have Burns and Bikes and Baby Chicks.

Some stuff I stumbled into…
Unfulfilled Litigator just missed last week’s posting by minutes, but their Things That I’m Not Allowed to Admit posting makes this one by, well, seven days.
Working Title explains why they’re Scared for the new Hobbit movie.
Therefore I Geek has a list of Fantasy Books You Should be Reading RIGHT NOW (and some that you shouldn’t).
No Wasted Ink reviews one of my all time favorite books, Robert Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.
Books and Baking has declared I Won’t Apologise (or: On Reading Choices).

And a special note, if you’re only going to click on one link in this post make it this one:
Modify Life speaks of her love of reading.

Links do not indicate an endorsement of the ideas presented, only that I thought the posting was worth taking a look at.


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