Some random book thoughts for February 2015

Well, we’ve once again hit a new month and I still don’t have a clue what I’ll be writing about each month in my “Random book thoughts” monthly posting. Now add to that I had to take a quick vacation from blogging due to almost five feet of snow falling over the last two weeks (and as I post this it’s snowing again) and then a huge back-up of other things going on and what we’re going to get is, well, me just typing and seeing what I mash out when I’m done. It’s worked well the last few months so hopefully the trend continues. For those that care, you can read last month’s thoughts right here.

Despite doing this blogging thing for a long while I’m still trying to find a schedule that works for me and attracts more readers. If there was such a record for most followers with the least amount of page views I’m betting I’d be in the running. I’m averaging about 15% of my follower total as page views, and that seems incredibly low to me. When you figure in almost no comments I’m thinking I must be doing something to drive people away, but for the life of me I can’t figure what it is. While my goal is to eventually figure it all out in the end I really just write this for myself, so even if just one other person reads and likes it I guess I’m doing OK.

What’s odd to me is over on the sports blog I started in January I have no followers that don’t look like spammers but my page views are through the roof just from Facebook and twitter links. Again, not many comments on the blog but many via social media. Go figure.

I finally finished my run through W.E.B. Griffin’s books now that I’ve completed all his “Men at War” series and then topped it off with the latest in the “Presidential Agent” series Hazardous Duty. I’ll have a review of that book up shortly, along with a review of some of the other series of Griffin’s I finished but didn’t write individual reviews for. In the menu on the right you can see from the Goodreads widget I’ve read a few books since I last posted, and I will have reviews of all of them coming up. I’ve wandered back into the fantasy genre for the next few, and foresee a long run of those coming up. Of course that might change in two weeks, because that’s how I do things.

As I type this I’m thinking my usual summer of picking one writer and reading all their stuff might be an issue in page views. It’s cool to finally catch up on an author I hadn’t read before or was way being in their books, but perhaps readers here don’t want to keep hearing about it. May have to figure out some stuff for the warmer months to keep people interested.

While there was nothing new in the science fiction/fantasy genre I was looking for I did stumble into a few books (shocking, I know) in January. I picked up Runner by Patrick Lee, Rasputin’s Shadow by Raymond Khoury, and Act of War by Brad Thor. I also got the two Robert Parker “Spenser” books I didn’t have, the young adult story Chasing the Bear that was given to me by my buddy Stan, and when I mentioned I didn’t have Silent Night either he said he had a copy and lent it to me.

For new stuff in February I know Monster Hunter Nemesis by Larry Correia is a “must buy”, but I also saw listed Elementary: The Ghost Line by Adam Christopher, which is based off the TV series of the same name. I really like the show and I’m tempted to buy the book too, although the track record of books based on TV shows is poor at best. I won’t be making many treks to the bookstore this month because of a few projects going on and TotalCon at the end of the month. I’m sure I’ll still find a way to add stuff to my collection.


2 thoughts on “Some random book thoughts for February 2015

  1. These all sound like good books – I have heard good things about Act of War! That’s kind of cool, reading books by the same author through a whole season – it’s definitely a new way of reading. 🙂

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