Sunday Funday: Recap and Tidbits

So we’ve reached Sunday. The previous time I was making regular posts here Sunday was “Week in Review”, part of which included me mentioning a whole ton of articles from WordPress blogs I had read over the previous week that I thought folks should check out. That “feature” here is completely dead. I know it was popular because of the number of page views and click-throughs I was seeing in my stats. And that’s the reason I’m not doing it any more.

When you link to another WordPress blog post the person(s) with admin access to the site gets a notification just like someone left a comment. And then in their admin dashboard they can see if anyone that visited their blog used the link to get to their blog. Some of those blogs I was linking to were getting upwards of two dozen referrals from this blog to theirs and they couldn’t have been bothered to spend the minute it would take to comment or “like” my post. So to hell with them.

That left me with “what the heck to do on Sunday?”. Just recapping what I posted during the week seems a bit self-serving, and after a couple weeks of that Sunday would probably be just a waste as no one would bother. So with the huge amount of things going on in the world that I have thoughts on that wouldn’t be enough for a blog post, I figure Sunday would be a great time to mention a few of them. So here they are…

Last night was the mascot reveal for the Worcester Railers, our new pro hockey team, at a game for the Worcester Bravehearts, our summer college baseball team. Part of that unveiling was the first 100 “members” (season ticket holders) of the Railers and the first 400 Bravehearts fans through the turnstile would receive a very cool free t-shirt. These two facts were widely publicized.

There are over 600 “members” of Railers HC (all of whom got a free ticket to the game, BTW), and the Bravehearts are averaging over 2,000 people per game. So why would anyone arriving twenty minutes before the first pitch think they’d fall into either one of these two groups? The three people I heard complaining were all season ticket holders of the previous hockey team, so they know all about free giveaways and that you need to be early. Actually, knowing who a couple of those people are, I shouldn’t be shocked.

Pokemon Go isn’t really my thing, but I’m all for anything that gets young people outside. The stories you hear about players hurting themselves or causing accidents really don’t represent the group of players as a whole. As in any large group there’s going to be a small percentage that are just, well, stupid.

Word is that the creators of the game are about to allow locations to opt-out of the game so no Pokemon characters will be available to capture there. That’s a great idea, mostly because that small group of idiots didn’t seem to understand playing Pokemon Go at a cemetery or a war memorial might be distasteful for some.

Can anyone tell me why Paris Hilton thinks she could become a target of ISIS? On second thought, please don’t.

Of all the possible ways I might die, you can safely rule out “hot air balloon crash” as one of the reasons. There’s no way I’m getting into one, and I’m very certain one won’t be crashing into me. Perhaps the most horrifying news of the balloon crash in Lockhart, Texas is they still can’t figure out how many people were in the basket and died. Think about that for a moment.

My favorite headline of the week: “Mercedes Pulled a Self-Driving Car Ad Because It’s Not Actually a Self-Driving Car”…yeah, I guess that’s a pretty good reason.

For last week’s recap, just in case you missed any of my posts from the last seven days…
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And finally, your moment of Zen…


3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Recap and Tidbits

  1. Laughed at the Mercedes headline! Though my fave headline of the week came from the guardian:

    “Scientists fight crab for mysterious purple orb discovered in California deep” 😂

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